Because of frequently changing availability, we prefer orders be
faxed to us and then a confirmation will be sent back to you.

Please give us your name, phone number and fax number when
submitting a potential order.

All Terms & Conditions are listed below.

Feel free to contact us at any time with questions about ordering.

Phone:  828.733.8199

Fax:       828.733.9143
Terms and Conditions
C.O.D. unless credit has been established.  With established customers, terms are net 30
days.  A finance charge of 1.5% per month (18% per year) will be assessed on all past
due accounts.  All expenses incurred in collection of accounts are the responsibility of the
customer and will be charged to the customer.

Prices quoted are F.O.B., Crossnore, NC.  Delivery will be made by our truck whenever
possible.  Otherwise, transportation by a common carrier can be arranged.  Any damage
that occurs while shipping with a common carrier is the responsibility of that carrier and all
claims should be made to the carrier.  Combination loads with other nurseries can be

The customer is responsible for unloading.

Full loads should be unloaded in 4 hours; half loads in 2 hours.  An additional charge of
$100 per hour will be added to the freight bill after the time limit has expired.
All shipping charges are C.O.D.

Claims and Liabilities
Since we have no control over plant material after it leaves the nursery, no warranty,
expressed or implied, can be offered unless a written claim has been made at time of
delivery on shipping receipt and a written claim sent to Snowy Mtn. Nursery, Inc. within ten
days of delivery.  Under NO circumstances will we be liable for any amount greater than
the original purchase price or for freight charges.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

*Minimum Order: 100 pieces*

Fall Digging Hazards
The following trees are considered to be high risk for fall digging.  We will dig the trees,
upon your request, but we assume no responsibility for its survival.  We will take every
precaution to ensure the trees’ survival, but make no guarantees after the material leaves
our nursery.

Betula varieties
Celtis varieties
Crataegus varieties
Liquidambar varieties
Liriodendron varieties
Malus varieties – in leaf
Prunus varieties
Pyrus varieties
Quercus varieties – except Q. palustris
Ulmus parvifolia varieties
Zelkova varieties